It's fair to say that 2020 was one of the worst years many of us can remember, professionally, personally, and in many other ways. As the redoubtable Marshy would say, it was an "anus horribilis"! Despite the numerous obstacles placed in our path, TSJCC has not only kept its head above water in the past months but flourished. Read on to see some of the achievements we've realised, and take a sneak peek into what 2021 has in store.

A year that began in such optimistic fashion, with over 60 attending the first winter nets and the establishment of new senior and junior sides, was initially plunged into chaos when lockdown hit. The restrictions on outdoor training meant that only small groups could work on their skills but this actually provided the first indication of the spirit and resolve of our cricketers - net sessions were organised online, skills were matched up, people turned up through the day to train alone or in small groups, and most evenings saw some form of activity down at the Meadows. We even found time to set up a fantasy cricket game that was a good laugh and was even taken up by cricketing colleagues from a club in Sussex!

Off the field things were already happening. The committee was working tirelessly as ever to secure sponsorship and funding, look at what could be taken forward despite the restrictions, and the hundreds of hours of effort that the dedicated team of groundsmen and volunteers put in on the ground was nothing short of miraculous. We've taken the time to thank individuals and groups of people in an earlier article, but it bears repeating that TSJ is nothing without its volunteer army and hard-working folks who put in untold time and effort that's largely unseen, rarely rewarded but always appreciated.

At this point it's time to let Kieran provide a quick rundown of the achievements on and off the field that happened once we were allowed back onto the ground, and a glimpse at the developments already in place for 2021.

On the field

Off the field

Looking ahead

Thanks KC! While it's true that 2020 has indeed been a really tough time for all, we can agree that TSJCC has not only made the best of the situation but continued to drive forward in its ambition to progress the club on and off the field. With the hope of a full season in 2021, we look forward to welcoming everyone down to the Meadows to help share in our next round of developments.

We wish everyone associated with the club, our friends and families, and the wider cricketing family all our best wishes as we hopefully see some end to the current situation and look forward ot resuming business as usual in the near future.

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