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1st XI v Viral Boys Club - ABANDONED / No Result (2 points), 45 spectators, 60 bar takings
2nd XI v Bluehill - LOST by 8 wickets (0 points), 16 spectators, 9 bar takings
3rd XI v Wormholes - LOST by 30 runs (0 points), 10 spectators, 18 bar takings

Top weekly performances

Pos Player Runs
1Skipper Ry101
2Clean-shaven Aussie76
3Curious George59
Pos Player Wickets
1Mr Adidas7
2Katie Paceace7
3Fazzy Beast7
Pos Player Catches
1Whokilled Kenni3
2Hayesy Fantasie3
3Clifford Teflon2

This week's awards and events

Fielding performance award - Clean-shaven Aussie
Toys out of the pram - Curious George
Who ate all the pies - Katie Paceace
Club person of the week - Katie Paceace
Cleanest kit - Mr Adidas
Stupid dismissal of the week - Nath the Ath (Standing out of their ground, stumped)

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