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1st XI v Catholic Sloggers - WON by 6 wickets (4 points), 53 spectators, 132 bar takings
2nd XI v Brookybutts - LOST by 8 wickets (0 points), 36 spectators, 14 bar takings
3rd XI v Load of Bankers CC - LOST by 8 wickets (0 points), 13 spectators, 15 bar takings

Top weekly performances

Pos Player Runs
1Rowdy the Grinder59
2Beardy Gav48
3Tom Lefty45
Pos Player Wickets
1Sail Away5
2Fazzy Beast5
3Marshy Fartpants4
Pos Player Catches
1Clifford Teflon3
2Whokilled Kenni2
3Curious George2

This week's awards and events

Stupid dismissal of the week - Big Ben (Hit wicket)
Who ate all the pies - Big Bird
Cleanest kit - Mr Adidas
Club person of the week - N Flecture
Fielding performance award - Nath the Ath
Toys out of the pram - Parky 1990

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