Player profiles - Matt Bradshaw

Bradders Name: Matthew Bradshaw

Nickname(s): Bradders, Bradings, Matt B

Best Bowling: 5-21 against East Lancs (with Danny Ash taking 2 or 3 behind the stumps with crocodile hands and volleying one up to Watty at 1st slip!)

Best Batting: Putting on over 50 runs with Si Marsh against Bury when at Radcliffe's ground

Favourite team mate: Danny "Key"burner, Ry Marsh, Ste Brooks, KC, Watty

Favourite Personal Cricket Moment: On field beef with Si Marsh after giving a single away and calling him a "big f***ing girl" and Si saying "I'll see you in the changing rooms" and then his next ball going for a six

Favourite Professional Moment: Watching england beat New Zealand in the World Cup final in a super over

And your one piece of lockdown advice: *censored* (suffice to say it involves gentlemen's activities and online things! - Ed)

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I Will if You Will Biffaward

Beryl Avenue, Tottington, Bury, BL8 3NF
Twitter: @TottyStJohnsCC