Two Overs At ... Carl Barrett

Carl Basher was a vital part of our all-conquering side of the late 1990s and is now back at the Meadows. With a Russian lady in tow, Carl has lost none of the qualities which have placed him among the TSJ legends (heavy drinking, taking the mickey out of Rowdy ...). Never shy of controversy, Basher once beamed a lady indoor cricketer ...

How did you first get involved at TSJCC?
It would have been around 1986 when my father Keith Barrett took over the Royal Hotel where the team used to meet and drink to the early hours.

What's been the best moment? And the worst?
Best individual would be my century off Catholic club needing 10 off the last 2 balls (remember it well - Ed) - and captaining a league winning side. Worst was dropping Scoffer for the Cup final, for Alan Siddall who got a royal duck.

Why did you come back to the club in 2010?
I was always going to return ... to some Lords is the home of cricket, to me it's here.

If you could change ONE thing about the club, what would it be?
The young element concerns me ... I think we need junior cricket as our teams are not the youngest and it would be nice to see not only a future team, but a successful one. I believe on the whole the club has progressed - I never realised how much Kieran did until he told me.

What are your hobbies away from cricket?
Golf, cooking and wine.

What's your favourite ground to play at?
After Tottington I'd say Greenfield. Favourite other ground is Trent Bridge.

What's your favourite Rowdy story?
Presenting him with the White Feather ... after Me and Ash shot Bolton Rd out for 13 (Doc none for - I didn't even get a bowl! - Ed) I instructed the troops to knock them off for 0 - and on a lively track Rowdy dived for cover. (I was batting on it and it was horrid - and they deliberately bowled wides to end the game! - Ed)

Who is your favourite ever teammate?
Hanky and Scoffer, but Club man would be Cyril: I believe he kept the club together allowing the present committee to mature and run it so well today.

What music do you like?
Any from Westlife to Elvis's ballads ...

If you could be any cricketer, past or present, who would you be?
Shane Warne ... he's lived on and off the pitch.

Tell us about bouncing those kids at Swinton in 1992 :)
I was a mere kid myself, and was just releasing the ball late ... some of the parents' behaviour was inexcusable!

What's the best Totty side you've played in, and how does the current one compare?
If everyone is available for selection, then I would say this current side is on a par with the 1998 one at full strength.

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