Two Overs At ... Matt Cotton

Cotters Now playing for Boxing Day rivals Brooksbottom CC, Cotters graced TSJ with his magic for a good number of years in the "Noughties". A firm favourite with his teammates, Matt bears a strong resemblance to Andre Agassi. Famed in equal measure for his ability to remove top order batsmen with a jaffa, and the slips with the occasional wide long hop, Cotters is a Totty legend. Here he gives us his thoughts on life, music, and life in Summerseat.

How did you first get involved with TSJCC?
I knew John Jack Kinsey from going to the pub. He knew I used to play at Greenmount so asked if I wanted to play. I made my debut 99/00 at Broadway I think.

What's your favourite memory of the club?
Calverley Cup win, beating Radcliffe in the 20/20 and Ashley's 100 at the Catholic club.

If you could change one thing about TSJ, what would it be?
I know its difficult with the amount of clubs nearby but the future of TSJ would benefit by having a Junior side.

What are your cricketing ambitions for 2010?
Stay fit and score as many runs and get as many wickets as I can. Failing that world domination!

You have some quite distinct musical influences - tell us about them!
Don't get me started, I bore myself with my music opinions. But will say buy the Delphic Album, quality!

What's your favourite ground to play at, and why?
I made my Brox debut at Flixton CC, the deck was white (in April!) rock solid and an absolute beauty to bat on. We got 265 for 2 and we bowled them out for 240 ish, I ended up with 3 fer including the pro.

What's your favourite Rowdy story?
Has to be the guy getting shot at Robbies.

You always seemed to have the Indian sign over ELPM's Franny Daly - why?
What can I say he's my bitch!! (Sorry Franny!!)

What differences do you find at Brooksbottom over Totty?
Main difference I've found is the training. We've got 2 qualified coaches (grade2 I think!) plus the the pro to help us out.

What do you do for a living?
I'm an accountant.

Who was your favourite teammate at Totty - and why?
Everyone at TSJ was really good to me but I don't have a favourite.

Would you ever come back and play for Totty?
You never know what the future may bring but I've still got a lot I want to achieve at the Brox.

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