Two Overs At ... Richard Peacock

Dickie P A first class worrier, Dickie P is our club Treasurer, another of the Yorkshire contingent, and a bit of a party animal when he gets going. Learn about his bluebell fascination, his ambitions for the club, and just how to tell the difference between rain and drizzle ...

How did you get involved with TSJCC?
I used to play for Kirkby Malzeard CC in the Nidderdale league and also played a few games for Cheetham Hill during my time just following University. However I first got involved with TSJCC through Steve Moriarty. At the time Kaye worked with Steve’s wife on the old ICU department at Bury General. It somehow got back to Steve that I had previously held a bat and so he got in touch with me.

What's been your best moment?
Being part of the 2003 Cup Run – no easy games or byes.

If you could change one thing about TSJCC, what would it be?
Increase the amount of money we have in the bank (by a lot) – Do this and we could develop a ‘Lords of the North’ or ‘Headingley of the West’.

What's your favourite aspect of playing for Totty?
As Boris says – one of the main reasons for playing cricket is for the camaraderie – that’s why I play at TSJCC.

Favourite ground to play on - and favourite tea?
In the Nidderdale League it was Masham and Patley Bridge – beautiful settings. In the NMCL it has to be Fothergill’s in May when the Bluebells are in full bloom. Favourite tea? – Yorkshire Tea in a China Cup made with the soft water of Lancashire.

Here's the biggie: How do you tell the difference between rain and drizzle?
Water drops larger than 0.5 mm in diameter are classed as rain, whereas smaller drops are described as drizzle. The difference is purely one of drop size rather than intensity of precipitation. (Note: fog is not a form of precipitation) I appreciate that using this definition may be hard to persuade a NMCL umpire that it is drizzling and not raining, so a general rule of thumb used by the Met Office is that rain will break the surface tension of standing water and drizzle will not. It is noteworthy that heavy drizzle may actually be more wetting than slight rain.

What do you do for a living?
Quantity Surveyor – currently at a sewage treatment works in Brighouse – designed to cope with ‘Flows’ from 225,948 people.

Tell us your favourite Rowdy story ...
The Rowdy Hill tale – I drive past every day and often think I should write off to the Ordnance Survey people to get it officially named.

What's your favourite music?
Radio 2 type stuff – hate this Hip Hop and heavy metal type din.

What's been your favourite end of season night out?
Pirates – The Bobby Loomba night.

Who is your favourite teammate?
Anybody who pays their subs without asking!

What are your cricketing goals for 2010?
Spend more time on the square batting than cutting the Grass.

If you'd like to take a turn in the hotseat, please drop Doc P a line via and we'll whizz you over some questions. We'd be delighted to hear from players, supporters, partners, friends of the club or anyone who fancies taking part - all welcome!

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