Two Overs At ... Danny Mulkeen Jr

Danny Our first ever contribution from one of the opposition! Rochdale Catholic Club's Dan Mulkeen Jr steps into the hotseat and tells all about his favourite cricketing moments, all-time league side and views on the GMCL. We welcome more from players of any club, so do get in touch!

What are your club's views on the GMCL?
I think we are looking forward to a new challenge with maybe some trips to new grounds, also very excited at the chance of promotion and relegation, should produce some good cricket and new rivalries!

Who's been your favourite opponent (team and individual) over the years in the NMCL?
Tough one! Hmmm... Always enjoyed playing Robbies and Blackley I always seem to get runs against them. Player-wise enjoyed playing the Westleigh lads and going for beers and parties at Kieran Lloyd's place.

What do you consider your best individual performance?
Two spring to mind! Firstly the 151 I got against You guys a few years back as that was hit against some very good bowlers, Ashley, Asif, Marshy etc. But I'll have to go with the 113 I got against Elpmcc once again against an excellent bowling attack, I came in with us 20/4 chasing 250+ and managed to win us the game!

Favourite ground to play on? Least favourite?
I (very much despite popular opinion) enjoy our home ground! But favourite away ground probably Failsworth Macedonia or Blackley, they both have short straight boundaries in common, perfect for a slogger like me. Least favourite is close, Elton Vale I don't enjoy despite its excellent facilities and a good flat surface, there's just something about it I find dark and gloomy, but I'm going for Littleborough Lakeside, I hate it there! I just never feel in on that track.

Which club are you most looking forward to playing in the GMCL?
Probably from a nostalgia point of view the teams who used to be in our league but moved on, the likes of Brox, Edenfield, Elton and Swinton Moorside, will be nice to visit the grounds I used to as a youngster.

What developments would you most like to see at your club?
Would love to see us moved back up to two teams for a start, I would also like to see more on the social side of things, a few more club nights etc or even just going back to the pub for a couple.

Cricket- a social way to relax or more important than life itself?
Obviously more important than life itself, relaxation not in the Catholic Club dictionary you may have noticed!

Great question! My team in batting order.....

  1. Mulkeen Snr (Wkt) (RCC) - well over 10,000 league runs... And he's my dad
  2. J Dell (RCC) - In form one of the most destructive openers I've seen
  3. Subby Shah (RCC) - Best batsman with Zero foot movement I've ever seen
  4. Mulkeen Jnr (obviously) - I can pick me, it's my team!
  5. P. Meehan (TSJ) - One of the leagues best ever with bat and ball
  6. Ashley Parkinson (TSJ) - See above
  7. A Ali (EV) - Destructive batter, great exponent of the swinging ball
  8. A Lloyd (WLMCC) - Quality all round player
  9. Juggy Sabharwal (RCC) - Only got to watch him, but what a spinner
  10. M Tayab (RCC) - Genuinely quick in his younger days and his record speaks for itself
  11. M Willmore (RCC) - See above

I've probably missed out a lot of league legends there, but I still believe that team in its prime is unbeatable! 7 Cath Club players maybe slightly biased! Haha

Favourite teammate to play with?
Haha tough one because Jamie Dell and Dave Willmore were my groomsmen, but I gotta go for my old man!

Have you ever considered playing anywhere else - and if so why did you stay at RCC?
I don't think I've ever genuinely considered leaving the club, maybe the odd thought, but never seriously. I grew up with the club so it's a part of my life and my family. Playing with my dad always been a big player in it as well, I'm hoping that when my lad gets old enough we can make it 3 generations playing!

What are your main cricketing ambitions?
Score wise I would love a double ton, but more than anything just to enjoy my cricket, for the team to continue succeeding on the pitch and to grow off it. Also would very much like to win some silverware in the final season of the NMCL!

If you could change 1 thing about your club, what would it be?
Maybe its location, being on school grounds restricts a lot of what can be done, no bar etc allowed so it is difficult to grow.

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