Two Overs At ... Paul Meehan

the Doc One of our better known players, Paul's been at Totty since 1988 and has enjoyed plenty of success over the years. Discover more about his love for the club, whose teas he enjoys the most, and how Rowdy nearly killed him ...

How did you get involved with TSJCC?
I played my junior cricket at Woodbank and wasn't getting much senior team action. My two oldest friends, Russ and Clive Brooks, played for Totty so I thought I'd give it a go. Best decision I ever made!

What has been your best moment?
There's been plenty of corkers over the years. Batting-wise probably the 130odd I made at Swinton Meths after getting hit on the leg in the first over. Bowling, I really enjoyed the 9-8 at Catholic Club. But most of my happiest and favourite memories are to do with the players and the moments you only get playing for clubs like Totty - the accidents, the banter, some of the ludicrous stuff that happens on and off the pitch, the 1000s of Rowdy classics, dancing with Dickie P, etc. Ashley's hysterical 18 minute over. Scoffer falling into the wheelbarrow. The hilarious night at indoor cricket when me and Craig Parky must have set the record for most runouts ever in a 4 over period.

What do you like most about playing for Totty?
The people, easily. When I was away at uni for 6 years I came back almost every weekend to play; not for the cricket but for the friends. Greatest people in the world.

Why do they call you Doc P?
Short answer? I've got a chemistry PhD, hence the Doc, and P is my first initial :). My first cricketing nickname at Totty was "Simes" (after Simon Mayo), which Nick Hud still uses to this day!

Is it true that you do film reviews in your spare time?
Oh yes. I love my movies!

You can only have 1 book, 1 DVD and 1 CD – what would they be?
Lord of the Rings, Spinal Tap and "This is the Life" by Amy Macdonald.

Who is your favourite team mate at the club and why?
I have a lot of friends there, young and old. I particularly enjoy batting with Nelly and the club's become an even funnier place since Marshy arrived. Nick Hudson was, is and always will be my all-time hero, so if I have to plump for someone, it'll be him.

What’s your favourite Rowdy story?
Nearly getting killed by him when we were driving to Wrexham to watch Bury play there. He pulled out onto the M66 right in front of a massive lorry which almost took us out. On the pitch, probably watching him destroy Springhead when I couldn't keep up with his runrate!

Is there anything you don't know about computers and the internet?
Yes, absolutely loads, but I can bluff through quite well.

What's your favourite tea and why?
Cricketing teas, hmm. I tend to get quite nervous if we're batting 2nd so I have missed a fair number over the years. I always enjoyed Glodwick for the cakes. Failsworth is good for the sheer amount, but the curry cooked up by Asif's better half in 2009 was definitely a highlight!

If you were stuck in a lift with one person, who would you least like it to be?
Daniel Bedingfield. Just can't stand him.

If you could change one thing about the club what would it be?
Nothing. It's my favourite place in the world!

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