100 Club

100 clubThe 100 Club was launched in July 2007, and is an essential fundraiser for the club. Subscribers pay a monthly contribution of 5 collected by standing order, and each month there are three prizes on offer. From January 2021 we have boosted the prizes due to an increase in 100 club membership. The prizes are reviewed each January and updated according to any changes in the numbers participating - the more people involved in the draw, the bigger your potential winnings.

From January 2021 the monthly draws now offer our highest ever prizes of 75, 50 and 35, with prizes doubled for the December draw!

Winners are announced on the website each month and terms and conditions are listed below.

How to join

1. Contact club treasurer Clive Brooks for your personal 100 Club membership number: tsjcc@aol.com

2. Download the 100 Club form to set up a monthly standing order of 5. Either complete the form and return it to your Bank who will set up your standing order or use the details to set it up yourself via your banking app. Make sure you add your personal membership number as payment reference.

3. You're all set! Keep an eye out on the website for prize winners, announced each month. We greatly appreciate the support, good luck!!

Latest Winners


January February March April

75; I Hayes
50; Mrs J Parkinson
35; M Deegan

75; A Phillips
50; G Greaves
35; D Nuttall

75; N Fletcher
50; D Wood
35; D Todd

75; D Nuttall
50; L Kenyon
35; S Batigan

May June July August

75; I Hayes
50; L Dickinson
35; A Gray

75; Gemma Deegan
50; P Yates
35; L Kenyon

75; L Dickinson
50; M Cotton
35; D Hall

75; Gemma Deegan
50; P Yates
35; C Brooks

September October November December

75; P Yates
50; P Meehan
35; Rachel Brooks





January February March April

60; B Hall
40; S Marsh
30; K Fletcher

60; Gemma Deegan
40; J and M Hunt
30; K Brooks

60; G Greaves
40; M Deegan
30; P Meehan

60; D Nuttall
40; K Caldwell
30; Gemma Deegan

May June July August

60; I Wright
40; S Marsh
30; K Hothersall

60; M Cotton
40; J and M Hunt
30; M Deegan

60; D Hall
40; C Brooks
30; S Hinchley

60; P McManus
40; D Hall
30; B Collins

September October November December

60; P Yates
40; G Greaves
30; R Lightfoot

60; N Redfern
40; B Hall
30; L Kenyon

60; D Hall
40; G Thomas
30; G Greaves

120; G Fletcher
80; P Yates
60; D Hall


January February March April

50; M Deegan
30; A Gray
20; SR & SH Chicken

50; P Yates
30; S Marsh
20; B Hall

50; S Marsh
30; B Meehan
20; N Butterworth

50; M Watts
30; G Fletcher
20; JG & M Hunt

May June July August

50; P Yates
30; P Yates
20; A Walker

50; P Yates
30; P Meehan
20; K Fletcher

50; S Hinchley
30; M Watts
20; P Meehan

50; N Marsh
30; R Brooks
20; G Fletcher

September October November December

50; M Deegan
30; L Deegan
20; R & K Peacock

50; S Hinchley
30; K Coe
20; G Melling

50; D Hall
30; Gail Deegan
20; S Marsh

100; Nelly B
60; N Fletcher
40; Scott Parkinson

Terms and Conditions

  1. The "TSJCC 100 Club" shall commence on 1st January annually, however, new members are permitted to join during the year.
  2. The subscription to the "TSJCC 100 Club" shall be 5 per month per number, payable monthly by standing order into the designated "100 Club" Bank account.
  3. Currently 160 of the monthly payments make up the "Prize Fund", while the remainder goes into club funds. The "Prize Fund" is currently made up of prizes of 75, 50 & 35. These prizes will be reviewed annually by the committee at their January meeting, and were updated to the current levels in January 2021.
  4. Members may have multiple subscriptions.
  5. Membership is not restricted to those associated with "Tottington St. Johns Cricket Club", and you are encouraged to get family and friends to join. (The more members we have, the bigger the prize fund!)
  6. The "TSJCC 100 Club" shall not be limited to 100 members.
  7. A member is eligible for inclusion in the draw for any month so long as the subscription for that month has been paid.
  8. Each member is allocated a permanent number in the monthly draw. This number shall remain that member's number while their subscription is up to date. This number will be allocated by the administrator.
  9. There will be one draw each month of 3 prizes. The draw will be made at the monthly committee meetings and there must be a minimum of three TSJCC Committee members present at each draw.
  10. The draw for each month will be made at the following month's committee meeting. i.e. January"s draw will be made at the February committee meeting.
  11. In any matter requiring adjudication, the decision of the "Tottington St. Johns Cricket Club" committee shall be final. The committee shall also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their discretion, and will provide reasonable notice to the members where necessary.
  12. The administrator will make all reasonable efforts to pay prizes to the winners within one week of the draw.
  13. Winners' names will be displayed on the club website after each draw.
  14. A list of all members of the club will be available to view on request, as will a list of all winners to date.
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