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Oooh I say ...

Kieran Norton

He'll do ANYTHING for publicity - Kieran attends opening of an envelope

Kieran in lancashire Life

Royal Family's New Addition

Basher joins royal family

Odd Advertisement on Old Website

20/20 kit
Hunty (and anyone else), I have a 20/20 shirt and sleevless which to be honest I haven't used and am unlikely to use. Its Med size I thin - slim enough for my frame and probably OK for you Matt. Only has my initilas on the labels and is yours for..........let me know and I'll bring them down on Boxing day. Sorry - no pants!!!!
posted by Mr Ainscoe at 3:19PM

Scott recruits new 5 a side teammate: will not be shouting at this one ...

An absolute nutter ... and Ricky Hatton

Doc P reveals the Google searches that bring visitors to our website ...

Yesterday someone did a google search for Most haunted Pontefract and we came out at number 1 (try it if you don't believe it). Other searches that people have used to find us include: Keith Lees NOT plumber (hilarious!!), Nancy Dell'Olio naked (?!) , an Australian search for, wait for it, song im blue lardey de lardey die, free wimple knitting pattern, lads mooning gallery, and my personal fave crap cricketer picture!!!

OK Brian, basically next year we might have hot and cold running water ...

Two masterly batsmen

May 2007 - Doc P outlines how the 2nd XI was picked one week

"Ok right seconds then, start with the skipper, opening batsman, right who was at nets tonight? Right, Dan, Jebby and Phil .. ooh better not forget Rowdy, Asif, yeah he's playing for the 2s as he can't leave work early ... Dickie P - needs some runs, good opportunity for him here, ok that's 8, who's missing? Hmmm. Hunty is normally at nets, that's why I forgot him, put him in there ... Dr Doom of course, another seamer (4! the first team only have 2!), and that leaves us with ... er, hang on, they normally have some floppy haired fella, that's it ... Smiffffffffffffy."

The moment that Cliff did the decent thing and proposed to Rachel ...

On bended knee

Matt reveals the latest gadget down at Crompton Meadows - the "retrieving balls from trees" device


Another old blogging gem from Mike Ainscoe

seconds got a game this weekend or can i go shopping for my 80's wig for kieran's do???
posted by Mr Ainscoe at 9:14AM

Doc P extols the virtues of pre-season nets ...

Nets tonight. You know what I'm really looking forward to? No, it's not that dreaded first ball which pitches 8 yards down the track before hurtling into the side netting, nor even the inevitable stream of full bungers, bouncers and beamers from the Sheik, no it's that delightful feeling we'll get tomorrow morning, when for some inexplicable reason our backs, legs and sides have seized up and we can't walk straight. A bit like a night out with Scoop, Ricardo and the vodka red bull in fact ...

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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