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Please email us at with any queries, suggestions, enquiries, etc. and use the links below to contact club officials.

Main Club ContactClive
Vice ChairmanPaul
Secretary / Club Development OfficerKieran
Cricket committeeMike
Club Safeguarding OfficerMark Withington

General Committee Members 2023/24 - Iain Gartside, Sam Collins, Mick Proops, Richard Peacock, Katie Schofield, Nick Taylor, Sharon Edwards-Marsh, Phill Hayes, Gav Greaves

Cricket Committee - Mike Watts, Ian Hayes, Stuart Batigan, Phill Hayes, Matt Smalley

Club President - Iain Gartside

Cricket Captains 2024

1st XI Captain - Phill Hayes
2nd XI Captain - Nick Marsh
3rd XI Captain - Katie Schofield

Historical Officials and Life Members

The table below lists people that have held a senior club official role since 1946.

PresidentChairmanHon. SecretaryLife Members
T. Holt
W Crompton
T Crompton
F Crompton
D Crompton
D Nuttall
I Gartside
W Crompton
JH Paterson
JS Castick
S Booth
G Wood
DJV Coffey
SP Hinchley
N Barnes
BJ Kinsey
M Parkinson
K Duckworth
SC Parkinson
W Hudson
JE Kay
G Wilkinson
A Bennett
J Boyd
Mrs CM Bennett
S Booth
C Fletcher
B Leyden
SP Hinchley
A Siddall
L Howarth
CG Brooks
PR Meehan
K Coe
A Bennett
Mrs CM Bennett
Mrs KM Brooks
DJV Coffey
D Crompton
K Duckworth
SP Hinchley
L Howarth
BJ Kinsey
D Phillips
D Hall
NG Hudson
A Vernon
N Butterworth
F Brockway
W Fish
I Will if You Will Biffaward

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