Individual award winners by year

A full list of all NMCL/GMCL league team and individual awards is available on our club honours page.

Individual club honours

Note that club awards were not given in 2020 due to the pandemic and shortened season.

1st XI

2004N ButterworthR BrooksR Brooks
2005P MeehanP MeehanN Butterworth / C Parkinson
2006A ParkinsonP MeehanR Peacock
2007A ParkinsonP MeehanP Allen
2008A ParkinsonS MarshK Coe
2009S MarshP MeehanA Iqbal
2010A ParkinsonS MarshC Parkinson
2011A ParkinsonP MeehanN Butterworth
2012S MarshA IqbalA Iqbal
2013S MarshA IqbalC Brooks
2014R CarrA IqbalK Coe
2015R CarrA IqbalR Carr
2016R CarrS MarshG Thomas
2017B CollinsS MarshR Stoney
2018B CollinsS MarshR Wilkes
2019R WilkesN MarshI Hayes
2021G GreavesM Burns (pro)P Fuller
2022M Burns (pro)M Burns (pro)J Banicevich
2023P HayesN BrookyD Flaherty

Captain's Award 2022 - Niko Brooky

Supporter of the Year 2022 - AJ Roughley

2nd XI

2004M AinscoeS MoriartyR Holt
2005M JonesG FletcherR Holt
2006S HunterM CottonM Hunt
2007M JonesA IqbalP McManus
2008A SmithA IqbalG Jebb Jr
2009D MoriartyS MoriartyD Moriarty
2010D MoriartyS MoriartyA Campbell
2011D MoriartyR HoltR Holt
2012M DurransS SukhaA Rigby
2013G GreenS SukhaR Stoney
2014G GreenR HoltR Stoney
2015R MarshS SukhaR Stoney
2016D PhillipsR MarshC Brooks
2017D CollinsR MarshM Proops
2018B BakerM BradshawC Brooks
2019M WattsS SukhaT Richards
2021S MarshS MarshA Moore
2022P MeehanM BradshawM Watts
2023N MarshN MarshC Brooks

3rd XI

2021S CollinsN TaylorK Schofield
2022S CollinsA BachaC Foster
2023S CollinsS MarshJ Schofield

TSJ Women

YearBattingBowlingJunior Player
2015M PhillipsJ LaycockE Whaling
2016C BoultonE WhalingG Holt
2017D CollinsK SchofieldA Singh
2018D CollinsS Heaton-


YearBattingBowlingMost Improved
2021George RobinsonImogen DalyOlly Smith
2022Seb WithingtonOlly SmithCharlie Kenyon
2023Charlie KenyonOlivia BeckLincoln Balmforth


YearBattingBowlingMost Improved
2021Jack BrooksGeorge ToddMathew Cordwell
2022George RobinsonEthan BrownElliot Nixon
2023Luke TysonSeb WithingtonReuben Schwarz


YearBattingBowlingMost Improved
2022Jack SchofieldJack BrooksGeorge Todd-Jones
2023Jack BrooksTilly FletcherThomas Coleman


YearBattingBowlingMost Improved
2023Oscar ThomasSamuel HowardAJ Roughley

Club Awards

YearOutstanding AchievementWilliam Fish Clubman of the YearChairman's AwardJunior Coaches Award
1988-F Brockway--
1989-J Mather--
1990-R & C Brooks--
1991-C Fletcher--
1992-L Howarth--
1993-R & C Brooks--
1994-M Jackson--
1995-G Porter--
1996-S Parkinson--
1997-K Duckworth--
1998-F Brockway--
1999-C Parkinson--
2000-S Atkinson--
2001C ParkinsonR Peacock--
2002P DuckworthM Ablett--
2003M CottonG Fletcher--
2004R BrooksM Ainscoe--
2005K CoeM Deegan--
2006A ParkinsonK Brooks--
2007N ButterworthD Phillips--
2008S MarshM Deegan--
2009A IqbalS Parveen--
2010A Parkinson / P MeehanMorar Ashburner--
2011N MarshMark Ashburner--
2012R MarshM Watts--
2013A IqbalN MarshC Brooks-
20142nd XIE Royds / S Edwards-MarshI Hayes-
2015M WattsS Marsh--
2016P MeehanI Hayes--
2017D CollinsP YatesR Peacock-
2018N HallM Proops--
2019M MamsaS Collins--
2021B CollinsJ PeacockR PeacockJack Schofield
2022K SchofieldS Edwards-Marsh and D Shand-Frankie Armstrong
2023A BachaI Hayes-George Sowden
I Will if You Will Biffaward

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