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Discover more about our players in these "brand new for 2020" profiles. Further down the page you can also see the "Two Overs At ..." features we carried out throughout the 2010s for both current and former players and even the odd player from other clubs (plus an England international!). If you'd like to complete one of the new player profiles, get in touch with Watty.

Mike Watts
Paul Meehan
Ryan Marsh
George Thomas
Stu Batigan
Ste Brooks
Kev Hothersall
Sail Sukha
Lee Kenyon
Matty Bradshaw
Dan Tattersall

Two Overs At ...

We fire 12 random questions at one of our players, friends, opponents or club personalities - these could be sensible, cricket-related, investigative enquiries, or they could be completely wild and unexpected. Let's see how the lads (and lasses) deal with the "on the spot" deliveries ... and the odd unplayable yorker!!

Mark Hague
Ryan Marsh
Gav Greaves (ELPM)
"Aussie Mick" Proops
Ian Hayes
Danny Ashburner
Chinese George
Lee Kenyon
Jimmy Shaw (Springhead)
Rick Carr
Paul Johnson
Charlotte Boulton
Danny Mulkeen Jnr (Roch Cath Club)
Clive Brooks
Nicki Wilcox
Pete Allen
Mahmood Mamsa
Adrian Campbell
Jen Laycock
Kate Cross
Sail Sukha
Jasmine Titmuss
Stu Batigan
Paul Skundric
Matt Ablett
Mike Watts
Carl Barrett
Paul Meehan
Richard Peacock
Kieran Coe
Matt Cotton
Mike Ainscoe
Nick Fletcher
Laura Parkinson
Andy Walker
I Will if You Will Biffaward

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