2010 End of Season Awards

The annual end of season presentation evening was held at Totty Con Club on Saturday October 16th. Here is a quick run down of the awards.

2nd XI

1st XI

Club Awards

On behalf of the committee, we'd like to thank everyone from cricket, junior cricket and rounders who turned up and supported us on the night (a record turnout), Scott for MCing and for the quiz, Derek Kay for his speech and the prize presentation, Chris Hudson for the catering, Kieran and the other committee folk for organising the night, DJ Clive, everyone who came up and made speeches (yes, even Nelly B and his 3 pages worth) and everyone associated with what's been a phenomenal season on and off the field for all our sporting sides.

A round up of the rounders awards is available over on the rounders website

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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