I wouldn’t quite call it obliterated as it sounds like we wiped the floor with Ashton 2’s but we certainly did a very professional job. Having said that it doesn’t get too much better than a 10 wicket win. A big well done in the field after losing the toss (why spoil a losing streak?) and being invited to take the field. Nick Marsh’s 3-20 should more likely have been 6-10 after her caught edge after edge. Fortunately Jonesy had his big gloves on which helped him stick onto 2 chances, while Watty warmed his hands a little too without success. A five-fer-for Ryan Stoney and his patchwork of deliveries, together with tidy spells for Farhan and reliable Rob meant we only had to use 4 bowlers and restricted Ashton to 114 all out. Comedy moment of the innings being G O’d’s uphill stumble as a top edge looped over his head.

The reply started slowly (Ainscoe & Jones – what do you expect) with the run rate barely edging beyond 2 an over for the first 10. However, biding our time and waiting for the changes resulted in us reaping the rewards, reaching 70 odd by drinks and edging ever closer with small targets being reached with some sensible batting establishing a sound base for anyone to come in. As we reached the 90’s we did start to talk about seeing it through which came from 5 wides and a four guided through slips from Jonesy’s bat for a famous victory. Let’s hope we haven’t peaked too early. Now to get some homework done on Cup rule 9g(i)...

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