It's amazing how the weather can vary so much. On a very wet Saturday in Bury, which put paid to any chance of a result at Crompton Meadows, the 2nds got a full game in at Ashton - and what a thriller it proved. In the proverbial game of two halves, Totts racked up 106 having at one point been 70-2. Then, with Ashton seemingly in control at 68-2, a flurry of run outs, together with tight bowling from Farhan, Asif and Holty, saw the home side crumble to 100 all out and bring 5 points to the 10 man 2nds.

Over at Totty, the similarly-depleted 1sts started well with the ball, Skunners picking up two wickets in an impressive early spell of 2-8 from 7 overs. With Doc and Nick Marsh keeping it tight but unable to make any breakthrough, the CDO was brought into the atack. Kieran proved costly, with 51 runs coming in 6 overs, but he picked up 3 wickets, together with what he thought must be a dead cert LBW, which John turned down on the grounds that it wouldn't reach the stumps ... allegedly. Rain arrived with Ashton at 120-5, and after more than an hour off the field, the visitors chose to bat on in the gathering gloom rather than declare, eventually ending their innings at 6pm.

With no real chance of a result, Kieran led the rearguard action, batting throughout the innings - which included 4 further rain breaks. With Danny and Watty hitting quick runs, Totts were never in any serious trouble, ending up on 100-4 with a good 25 overs of the innings lost to rain. Two points each.

Highlight of the match came in Skunners opening spell. After rapping a batter on the pads our hero shouted "Oh hello ... How's that?". "Not out" from John B and mild hysteria all round.

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