After heavy overnight rain had soaked the ground, skipper Nelly's winning of the toss was always goign to prove vital. The visitors were inserted on an initially lively wicket, and were soon in trouble, with a few dreadful shots contributing to early wickets. With Marshy getting serious lift from just shy of a good length and Doc moving the ball well, the visitors never really got going. Despite the hot conditions, the openers continued to bowl throughout the Failsworth innings, all 39 overs in fact. Doc claimed the final four wickets to secure a 5 wicket haul to complement that of his new ball partner.

The run chase was never going to be simple, even though the wicket was playing better. With Kieran and Ash injured and Doc and Marshy down the order, early wickets left Totts in some trouble at 40-4. Doc arrived at the crease and looked totally untroubled, but the going was slow. Nick Marsh played some good shots and then Doc got going, hitting a four and then a big 6 over cover to take the Johns within a few runs of victory. Then, having cruised to 37, he heaved a short ball straight to the man at deep midwicket and when young Tom was stumped immediately after, nerves were jangling. Fortunately we still had most of our batting to come, and Kieran and Nelly secured the victory with 5 overs to spare to complete the double over a perennially tough opponent.

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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