As a follower, supporter, friend, player, passer-by of Tottington St. John’s Cricket Club, you will be aware that a 'once in a lifetime' ground development project was started back in July 2017. Unfortunately, due to unprecedented weather conditions, the initial levelling of the field has not been able to be followed by the next stages in the project (drainage, square construction, re-seeding, etc.). We will therefore not be playing at 'home' during the 2018 season. However, we are confident that our choice of contractor (a choice endorsed by an expert 3rd party consultant) will enable the continuation and completion of this project so that we will have, for the first time in our 131 year history, a sports field for our club to enjoy for the future. Tottington’s Big Day Out will be held at the club on 1st July.

Home fixtures for our three senior sides have already been rearranged for 2018, and we gratefully acknowledge the efforts of the GMCL, Kieran, Hayesy, and fellow clubs in making this as painless as possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends, members and committee for their patience and loyalty at this time.

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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