The good weather has not only smiled down on our plans for Tottington’s Big Day Out, but also has enabled the ground renovation project to continue - FINALLY!

We now have (very) green grass growing! The dry weather now means that the contractors will be able to excavate the square, put lovely new loam down (specially bouncy loam for Marshy to extract extra liftage!) and (yes the D word) drain the field! The expectations are that immediately after TBDO the contractors will be "on it" with a potential finishing line date of 31/07/18 with the final item to erect the fence on the Island Lodge side of the ground.

Thanks to the committee and everyone involved for their continued patience.

UPDATE JUL 2 - after yesterday's brilliant TBDO event, the contractors have been good to their word and we now have a square excavation in progress! Lots of photos below, and plenty of updates to come!

UPDATE JUL 12 - square has been dug out, more progress on outfield, and shed rearrangement underway!

Grass 1

Grass 2

Grass 3

Grass 4

Grass 5

Shed 1

Shed 2

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