Crompton Meadows continues to be a hive of activity, with progress on ground development on a weekly basis. Latest pictures from the end of November 2018 show the new shed/electronic scoreboard structure taking shape, together with updated pictures of the ground and newly laid square.

The roof goes on this week, and we will be painting the buildings in the spring. We are hoping to have an electric scoreboard on the left hand side at the front which will be visible for 90% of field. Thanks go to Nelly B for project managing, Steve the bricklayer, the various volunteers who have grafted every Saturday through the autumn, and the club for its support in general.

Brick by brick we develop something new every year - club development that is sustainable and which has a positive effect not only for the club but for supporters and the wider community.

Shed 1

Shed 2

Shed 3



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