41 travelled, 41 returned ...

With cricketers from Tottington St John's, Woodbank, Greenmount and Walshaw - and a couple of wize old birds from Ramsbottom CC - the tour once again took to the Costa Blanca. With the added bonus of a Friday game, it was hoped that everyone who wanted a game would get one (at least). However, we over estimated the enthusiasm of some to take the field (no names.....CR, MG, PT and DF) - which meant that Kieran could abuse his power and open the batting in all three games.. ("It's my tour"). Not entirely unrelated - we lost all three games!

This despite a tour bank of talent including Phil "I'm not playing ever ever ever again ... after this Saturday" Hayes, Mark Dilnut (the new signing at Woodbank), Rick Carr, Nick Murphy, Steve Dearden, Mike Ingham, Steve Brooks, Johny Whitehead, Will Turner, Simon Marsh - and last but definitely not least the talent that is Andy Baxter ... cricketing highlights were a dropped catch that may destroy a beautiful relationship forever, Will's 94, Inger's joie de vivre, 50 from Mark Crowther, 3 keepers in one game, Irish Umpiring, and many more.

The chance to respect an absent friend was duly taken with a minute's silence for Pete Allen before the first game and his picture hangs on the wall in their clubhouse. Overall - good tour - here's to next time.

Sunday team

Steve asking me to open but forgetting it's my tour and I will face

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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