Everyone at TSJCC is devastated to learn of the passing of our friend, the much loved umpire and local cricket official John Barrow. John sadly passed away at Bury Hospice on September 25th, and is survived by his wife Doreen and children Chris and Sandra - we extend them and all of John's family and friends our deepest sympathies.

John was an immensely popular figure in local cricket circles, known for his friendly demeanour, calm presence on the pitch and a wicked sense of humour - we all remember that infamous cackle, the subject of many an impersonation! As an official and later an administrator in the North Manchester Cricket League, John was a cheery presence wherever he went, and was dedicated to the sport we all love. Few officials commanded the level of respect that he always brought to proceedings, and he was known to be scrupulous in his officiating. John was also an advocate for cricket at grass roots, and was very encouraging to younger players and those finding their feet in the game.

Personally, I enjoyed many happy afternoons on the field in John's presence; I can't remember a single bad word said about him, regardless of any disagreements anyone might have had over the odd decision or in the heat of the moment! He was universally admired and respected, and I always felt the game was in safe hands whenever he was standing. He will be sorely missed.

John's passion for cricket - and indeed all things sporting - was clear, and it is a testament to him that he was liked and considered a friend by players and officials at clubs throughout the region. We will raise a glass to his memory today and over the coming days, and salute one of the most decent chaps you could wish to encounter.

RIP John. We will all miss you.

Doc P - on behalf of all at TSJCC

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