The latest innovation at Crompton Meadows, and another first for the local area, arrived on Saturday December 3rd as two hybrid wickets were bedded in.

Following the first team's promotion into the GMCL Division One this season and the increase in senior teams to three and junior teams to four, the square now takes quite a bit of hammer over the summer. With that in mind we've decided to invest in the latest innovation in playing surfaces, the Hybrid pitch. On Saturday two such pitches were installed at the Meadows to great excitement.

As Secretary and chief groundsman, Kieran Coe, explains, "Demands on our relatively small square have increased recently with the number of games being played at home going over 60 in 2022! The Hybrid pitches will provide a consistently high quality of surface to play on and one that will be more robust to host more games before requiring repair and maintenance. It is with great pride that the committee here at St. John's announces this as the first club in Bury to have the Hybrid pitches installed."

SIS Pitches Ltd utilise a patented, laser guided hybrid grass machine which literally stitches the artificial fibres into the grass pitch. This increases pitch stability and drainage allowing for more playing hours, and faster pitch recovery after play.

More details about the company and the Hybrid pitches can be found at

Hybrid 1

Hybrid 2

Hybrid 3

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