After what seemed an interminable - though understandable - wait, we have now received confirmation of our league placements for the start of the GMCL in 2016. Both 1sts and 2nds face former NMCL teams but have also been drawn with various local sides and a few ones pretty new to us. There are some really exciting local derbies to look forward to, plus a few games that look pretty tough on paper! Overall, as a club I don't think we could be any happier with how we've been placed, though we suspect the relative strengths and weaknesses of other 2nd XIs may see a few changes in the first few years of the league and our 2nds arguably face a tougher set of sides than the 1sts!

Here's how the divisions look: note that both sides will play 22 league games through the season.

GMCL Division 4 West GMCL Division 5 Central
Bury CC 2nd XI
East Lancs Paper Mill CC
Egerton CC 2nd XI
Elton CC 2nd XI
Elton Vale CC
Flixton CC 2nd XI
Radcliffe CC 2nd XI
Roe Green CC 2nd XI
Tottington St.John's CC
Walshaw CC 2nd XI
Winton CC 2nd XI
Worsley CC 2nd XI
Bamford Fieldhouse CC 2nd XI
Bolton CC 2nd XI
Bolton Indians CC 2nd XI
Brooksbottom CC 2nd XI
East Lancs Paper Mill CC 2nd XI
Edenfield CC 2nd XI
Newton Heath CC
Tottington St Johns CC 2nd XI
Woodbank CC 2nd XI

We are especially pleased to be playing against Brooksbottom, with whom we compete in the annual Boxing Day challenge, Woodbank, with whom we tour and have especially strong playing and social connections, and Elton, Walshaw and Bury, all of whom we have strong connections to. We're relishing the challenge that the GMCL will bring, and hope that efforts to strengthen the playing, coaching and off-field sides of the club will bear fruit come April!

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