If you've ever fancied turning your hand to umpiring then now's your chance. The GMCL is looking to recruit a group of new umpires who will be fully trained and be able to stand during the 2016 season. If you're interested please visit the GMCL website and sign up there.

Full support and training will be provided, whether it be a simple 2 hour “Introduction to Umpiring” course or a 16 hour course spread over 8 evenings to become an ECB ACO Level 1 qualified Umpire, the options are there for each individual to make his/ her choice.

What are the rewards for this job?

Well in addition to receiving match day expenses starting at £38.00 for Divisions 3, 4 & 5 increasing to £43.00 for officiating in the Premier League, there is always a fabulous tea waiting for you, but more importantly it is an opportunity to enjoy an afternoon making new friends be they fellow Umpires, Club Officials, Players, Spectators and many more. We will also provide all Umpires who commit to Umpiring regularly with their own “kit” which consists of a Coat, Shirt and Trousers all bearing GMCL logos, so you will be part of the Umpiring team. It really is a very rewarding job and of course cricket cannot be played properly without Umpires.

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