The 2016 Tottington Sports Club AGM was held on Wednesday March 2nd. Here are some of the highlights and key points.

Election of captains

Captains and vice captains for senior men's cricket 2016 were voted for as follows - we wish all the best of luck for the first year of the GMCL and hope they and the selection committee all receive the full support of the players:

Committee changes

The position of Club Secretary, vacated by Paul Meehan in early February, remains open, as nobody wished to fill the position on the night. Paul Johnson was voted onto the general club committee, and Rick Carr formally voted on after his recent secondment onto the committee in November. The other main committee posts were voted through en bloc with no changes.

General thanks

Thanks were given to various individuals within the club, notably Denise Hall for her work on the extension project and general club work, and Paul Meehan for his continued work on the website/social media, and his secretarial duties.

Membership and match subs

Membership costs and match subs were kept at the same level as 2015 to general approval!

Other notes

All sections of the club were represented and there were lively discussions over the GMCL and club development. Clive produced his usual superb treasurer report and spreadsheets which are a work of art. Pizza and beer was much enjoyed, and everyone appears focused for the big year ahead. Other key dates (which appear elsewhere on the site) were reinforced, including the rearranged Boxing Day clash with Brox which will now be played on Good Friday March 25th, NatWest CricketForce on April 2nd, and opening league fixtures on April 10th (women) and April 16th (1sts and 2nds). Continued promotion of the 100 club was also emphasised.

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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