Benidorm tour report 2016

Benidorm 2016 ... the same but different ... a report by the CDO - please also see the Tour image gallery

More than 40 tourists this time made their way for the annual Costa Blanca trip – again being made up of predominantly Tottington St. Johns and Woodbank players and supporters – but with the added value of the ‘Rammy Committee’ (elegantly consisting of Maurice, Derek, Foxy and Sparky) who were this time determined to experience the full monty.

Meeting at Woodbank, all on time, we were greeted by a veritable winter wonderland with snow abundant. Teams for Saturday (1st 11) and Sunday – black v pinks – were selected. Talk was of Leeds/Bradford airport being shut. Manchester airport was clear – or so we thought.  Herded on to our plane with the promise of a queue to take off we slowly realised that it was actually a queue for defrosting. Over 4 hours of waiting on the plane with no food or drink is a testament to all the tourists’ patience and I would like to thank them all for that.

Luckily, Benidorm does not shut so Friday night presented much revelry.

Saturday came and again a full team turned up to play with captain Marsh deciding that we were ‘fit’ enough to take the field and bowl first.  A 35 over game was agreed and at drinks we had restricted them to 77 for 1 off 18 overs.  However with temperatures well above the -2 we were used to and some very tired legs combined with some wayward bowling (and very good batting) the total set was 244 leaving us exactly 7 an over.

Opening the batting with Kieran was new Woodbank pro Johny Whitehead, who whilst quickly hitting his stride got out to playing one too many shots. Steve Dearden came to the crease and showed his class.  With Kieran giving him the strike they (well just him really!) were going at around 8 an over and looking like putting us in a position to win easily. Then disaster struck for Steve in his 90s with wily old campaigner Paul Taylor getting one under his bat. That brought Damien Stringer to the crease and Kieran decided enough was enough and retired hurt on 41 to bring Brett Collins in to take control – and this decision was quickly vindicated as he hit his first 3 bowls for 4. The game went both ways as it drew to a conclusion in the gloom and it was felt that the tie pretty much reflected the match – fair and even.

Saturday night was also good ...

Sunday was the turn of the pinks and the blacks to take turns playing the Sporting Alfas second string. The pinks went first and posted 111 in their 15 overs with Brett again looking the part. This proved to be insufficient as the runs were quite comfortably knocked off.  A similar story for the second game as the blacks posted 112 and were also beaten. Thanks to Digger, Dasher and Maurice for umpiring.

We must take this opportunity again to thank our hosts for the cricket but especially Geoff and Jane for all their hard work and good company over the two days.

Couple of magic moments to report: Geordie Rob batting for the first time and timing the pants out of his stumps, Peter Hamer’s fishing impression (hope your head is OK mate?) and many more.

Thanks to all the tourists who all conducted themselves well enough and here's to the new season in the GMCL for both clubs.

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