The track

New Artificial Wicket Unveiled

The times they are a-changing! The magnificent new artificial wicket was installed at Crompton Meadows on Thursday 15th October. Thanks to fundraising by the committee, and a successful grant application, the new wicket has been put in place and will be unveiled officially for this year’s Boxing Day fixture against Brooksbottom CC.

Special thanks go to Kieran for the grant work and the rest of the committee for getting this development through!

Kieran commented ”As a club, we have started to move forward: the recent refurbishment of the pavilion with its new bar, the new path and now the artificial wicket. However, we must keep pushing the boundaries (sorry!) – and look to the future. Plans include proper car parking, a junior section and a terraced seating area next to the pavilion. As you can tell – we are only a small club, but one with big ambitions both on and off the field. Our development as a club can only be realised by the continued support of the community and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the local residents for their involvement.”

The track

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