Final 1st XI averages 2012

Here are the final 1st XI league and cup averages for 2012.

On the batting side, Marshy and Doc had very strong seasons, when available, though looking down the list of innings played perhaps indicates why we struggled at times - so many players missing for crucial games and of course the constant weather interruptions affected everyone in the league. KC continued to provide solid foundations at the top of the order, allowing the big two to play their shots, while the number of players needed to fill in was quite substantial. Doc and Marshy both failed to meet the league criteria of innings played alas, which is a shame as Marshy's league average of almost 70 was nearly 30 runs above the eventual winner! The loss of Ashley was of course a big blow, as his almost guaranteed 500 runs (and wickets/catches) could have made a serious dent at the top of the league.

On the bowling front, Asif and Marshy bowled the vast majority of overs (60% of the team total), while Doc and Big Bird both took wickets regularly at one per three overs or less. The usual impressive low averages perhaps again mask the lack of availability, though one or two may feel they were underbowled - Paul in particular bowled just 12% of the team's overs! Asif was the only player to qualify for the league averages and indeed ended up 2nd across the NMCL among those taking 30 wickets or more.

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