NatWest GroundForce Day, March 31, 2012

A top day down at Crompton Meadows as the players, officials and families of the cricket and rounders sides all pulled together in the 2012 NatWest GroundForce day. With 20-25 people present, much was accomplished including:

  1. Complete repainting of all the perimeter fence
  2. Laying of hundreds of square feet of grass seed
  3. Levelling and repair work on the outfield
  4. Square cut, rolled, looking fantastic
  5. Complete gutting and cleaning of the kitchen and bar areas
  6. Furniture cleaning
  7. Shed organising and sorting
  8. Cutting and rolling of the top field (football and rounders)
  9. Work on the area by the "lines" to remove weeds and growth
  10. Hositing of two immense steel beams to support the new roof in the extension
  11. Fire and rubbish removal
  12. ... and much more

Brilliant work from everyone! Fantastic club spirit and teambuilding day as ever, once again proving that as a club we are moving ever forwards.

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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