NatWest Cricket Force Day, April 6, 2013

A top day down at Crompton Meadows for the 2013 NatWest Cricket Force day. With around 30 people present, much was accomplished including:

  1. Levelling and repair work on the outfield
  2. Square cut, rolled, looking fantastic
  3. Complete gutting and cleaning of the kitchen and bar areas
  4. Painting of all the changing rooms and toilet areas
  5. Cleaning the pavilion exterior
  6. Clearing bushes and areas around the pavilion and outfield
  7. Furniture cleaning
  8. Shed organising and sorting
  9. Cutting and rolling of the top field (football and rounders)
  10. Fire and rubbish removal
  11. ... and much more

It was especially nice to see younger members and new faces down, a great start to 2013.

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