Yes folks, once again it's time for the event we look forward to most every year - the end of season fancy dress pub crawl! This year's theme is Superheroes and super villains, and the fun will commence from 7.30pm at the pavilion following our matches against Springhead.

Whether you like your marvel heroes, want to try something a little more off the wall, or simply want to see what on earth Marshy is coming as this year (and yes we can guarantee it'll be a female ...), come down and join in. As ever, we'll be starting the pub run at the Dungeon, and stopping in at every watering hole down Bury and Tottington Roads and into town later.

Be part of the legend. Be part of the fun. Superheroes and Villains, Saturday September 11, 2010!

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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