Fixtures 2015

Please note that scorecards and stats from all the TSJ Women's games appear over on our Play cricket site.


C Boulton 124* (TSJW)
P Meehan 105 (2s)
P Meehan 98 (1s)
R Carr 89* (1s)
R Stoney 86 (2s)
M Phillips 76 (TSJW)
M Mamsa 72 (2s)
P Meehan 63* (2s)
K Coe 62 (1s)
N Marsh 61 (1s)
M Phillips 59 (TSJW)
N Marsh 59 (1s)
R Marsh 58 (2s)
R Marsh 56 (2s)
R Carr 56 (1s)
R Marsh 55* (2s)
P Meehan 52 (1s)
N Marsh 52 (2s)
M Mamsa 52 (2s)
S Sukha 7-24 (2s)
A Iqbal 7-68 (1s)
P Meehan 6-16 (2s)
M Mamsa 6-24 (2s)
S Marsh 6-52 (1s)
A Iqbal 6-72 (1s)
J Laycock 5-7 (TSJW)
J Titmuss 5-12 (TSJW)
R Brooks 5-15 (1s)
F Shaukat 5-16 (2s)
S Sukha 5-22 (2s)
F Shaukat 5-27 (2s)
P Meehan 5-33 (2s)
A Iqbal 5-38 (1s)
S Brooks 5-72 (1s)


1st XI batting

1sts batting

1st XI bowling

1sts bowling

2nd XI batting

2nds batting

2nd XI bowling

2nds bowling

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