The cricketing community has been shocked by the recent bullying and racism allegations brought by Azeem Rafiq and others. The sport that we all love has been brought into disrepute by these revelations, and everyone at TSJCC is appalled by this.

Tottington St Johns CC has a proud history of inclusion, with players from diverse backgrounds playing together for decades. We thoroughly abhor any behavious contrary to the spirit both of cricket and of wider society, whether that be discrimination or bullying based on race, sexuality, gender or religious beliefs, and will actively seek to stamp this out should any issues arise.

As we look ahead to 2022, we look to welcome players and members from many backgrounds into our club. All will be welcomed and made to feel an equal part of the community at Crompton Meadows. It is vital that any player, spectator or member speaks out should any issues arise. Importantly, we must be proactive and set a positive example for our members at all levels, from those just starting out on their cricketing journey to those who have enjoyed a long career. We are all responsible for our behaviour on and off the field and must seek to crack down on any behaviour contrary to that to which we aspire.

Cricket has a long and proud history in our local community, and we must seek to ensure that everyone involved is treated with dignity and respect, and that any bullying or discrimination is met with a zero tolerance approach. Please do speak to our Club Welfare Officer Mark Withington if you have any issues to raise, and we will ensure that any concerns are dealt with immediately.

We can do better - we will do better.

On behalf of the TSJCC Committee

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