This season's junior presentation ceremony took place at the pavilion on Sunday November 19th. The annual awards were handed out, Hayesy held a quiz and there was even time for the Poet Laureate of Radcliffe, Sir Gavin Greaves, to eulogise about the U9's season in rhyming verse. Clearly the recent efforts of new 1st team skipper Phil Hayes to improve club oratory is beginning to filter through the ranks!

Here's a quick rundown of who won what!

U15s Batting - Oscar Thomas
U15s Bowling - Samuel Howard
U15s MI - AJ Roughley

U13s Batting - Jack Brooks
U13s Bowling - Tilly Fletcher
U13s MI - Thomas Coleman

U11s Batting - Luke Tyson
U11s Bowling - Seb Withington
U11s MI - Reuben Schwarz

U9s Batting - Charlie Kenyon
U9s Bowling - Olivia Beck
U9s MI - Lincoln Balmforth

Coaches Award - George Sowden

And just for good measure, here's Gav's speech on the very sheet of paper from which the Bard of East Lancs delivered his rousing moment.

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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