TSJCC is delighted to announce that five new life memberships have been awarded for outstanding contributions to the club over a long period of time. All five individuals are long-serving members with association to the club dating back 60 years in some cases, and all have contributed to club development both on and off the field. They truly represent everything great about our club and in many ways they *are* the club.

The fab five

Nick Hudson

"Garvey" Hudson is a true club legend. A tearaway fast bowler and "Mr Tottington" to boot, Nick was a mainstay of the cricket side from the 1970s onwards as well as a commanding presence in local football. He continued to excel on the pitch and represented the side through to the 2000s, overseeing the most successful periods in the club's history to that point. He was a mainstay of the NMCL double winning side of 1998 and a real idol to many with his always-positive attitude and roguish sense of humour. In recent years he's been a permanent fixture on the sidelines, supporting our senior sides weekly during the season and always offering a reassuring presence in the pavilion. If you want to hear any good stories from Nick's footballing days, Rowdy's yer man. Congrats, Garv.

Frank Brockway

One of TSJCC's most celebrated captains, Frank was a real father figure to many of the younger players that grew up under his stewardship in the 1990s. Under his leadership the club enjoyed great success in the mid to late 1990s, and provided the platform for a whole generation to progress the club on and off the field. Frank was wholehearted in his approach, always happy to sacrifice his own considerable ability or place in the batting line up for the club cause, and always knew how to get the best out of his younger charges. Feel free to ask him about former Brox skipper Richard Kay and a certain TSJ opening bowler. Many congratulations, skipper.

Al Vernon

What can we say about Al? Young Player of the Year in 1966, a title winner in 1999. For over three decades the Vernon name was synonymous with local cricket, and carried on at Tottington and elsewhere by son Mark. Al's on-field achievements were of the highest order, exemplified by a "you shall not pass" approach against Rochdale Catholic Club to secure the title in 1999 when the top order had been removed. Al is renowned for his sense of fun and pull-no-punches comments; he truly says it like it is, all with that cheeky grin. He's been a huge supporter of the club off the pitch since his retirement and can usually be spotted at the top of the ground on a matchday, dispensing wisdom to all around, and then settling at the bar with The Hud for the evening's entertainment.

Nelly Butterworth

Our Nelly. Another infectiously-funny personality that fitted perfectly into the club the moment he arrived in the late 1990s. After an excellent career at Walshaw, Neil became very much part of the furniture at Crompton Meadows. His playing style was always attacking, whether with bat in hand or bowling his "darters" to bamboozle all that faced him, while his sense of humour was ideal for deflecting tensions on and off the field. Under his leadership the club won various trophies, with his man of the match cup final performance at Prestwich very much a great club moment. Nelly has also been very active in supporting club development with his architectural plans for various extensions and club developments, and is always a popular visitor when he pops down. He's even been known to pop up on local radio to berate certain club members for their levels of physical fitness! Many congrats, Nelly B.

Billy Fish

Few have played, watched and umpired as long as Billy. One of the real mainstays of a Saturday afternoon, Billy's umpiring career has been the stuff of legend across many leagues, including our own NMCL and GMCL. He's never shy of putting people in their place, all done with that soft smile and veteran know-how, traits which have made him popular everywhere he goes. Billy has had a very long involvement with cricket in Tottington, growing up with the Brooks family and many others, and being in and around the club for decades. Billy's son Gordon played for the club for a spell, and the Fish name is now synonymous with our "Clubman of the Year" award, recognising outstanding contributions at the club each season. What better name to bestow on an award recognising individual dedication and effort? Congratulations, Billy.

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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