Player profiles - Paul Meehan

Doc P Name: Paul Meehan

Nickname(s): Doc P, Doc, Simes, Penfold (at uni)

Best Bowling: 10-11 v Robinsons, though most enjoyable probably 9-8 v Catholics

Best Batting: 163 v ELPM, though best technical innings was probably 140 at Swinton Meths back in the day when they stuck us in on a scorching afternoon! Ask Craig Parky about the game against Springhead when we only had 7 players and the pair of us batted almost 40 overs and put on about 25 to draw the game!

Favourite team mate: Ash Parky, the Brooks boys and Nick Hudson. Fave captain, and the one who inspired me the most, Frankie Brockway

Favourite Personal Cricket Moment: The 1998 cup final was decent - managed to get a hundred and take 5 wickets, there was a massive collection, and then a raucous after-game party in which Stu Robinson ran straight through a patio door! Plenty of great moments over the years with TSJ, far too many to list here. It's the greatest club, and greatest set of people, in the world.

Favourite Professional Moment: Botham at Headingley 81, Stokes in the world cup final, and also watching Ali Cook get the 100 in his final innings and the crowd went crazy. Emotional!

And your one piece of lockdown advice: Stay inside, stay safe, and get involved with the TSJ fantasy cricket!

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