Two Overs At ... Matt Ablett

Abbers Not-so-young Abbers returned to the fold in 2010 after a few years "on the Dark Side". Here we learn more about Matt's ambitions, his taste in music, and just what he'd do if Rowdy called him for a quick single ...

Welcome back to the club. How have things changed since you were previously here?
It is good to be back. Where to start? New Pavilion, Artificial Track, Junior side and new faces.

What are your playing ambitions for 2011?
To improve my batting after hitting my first 50 for the club in the last game of the season at Springhead (including 28 off one over). Also to try and keep wicket more games this season and improve that side of my game under the tutelage of Rowdy!?! (No worries just yet Mick)

Tell us what you do away from cricket?
Well at the moment I am getting things organised for my wedding this year. Besides that I play golf, 5 a side football and enjoy going to the cinema. I am starting a new job on 24 January as a Trainee Elections Officer at Cheshire East Council (Sandbach).

What's your favourite moment playing for TSJCC?
Personal moment would have to be my 50 against Springhead or my 37 against Blackley for the 1sts. As a team it would have to be Chadders over against Glodwick (I think) 3 wickets, umpteen wides, boundaries and Doc being asked if it was a good idea bowling Chadders and then replying after the 3rd wicket it is now.

Who's your favourite teammate?
Real tough one as I get on with most at the club but if I have to choose it would have to be Superman himself Rob Holt.

If you could change 1 thing about the club, what would it be?
The funds available to the Club as the improvements we could make could take the Club to a new level.

Favourite music?
I have a wide taste in music but my favourites are Meatloaf, Queen, Bon Jovi and Pavarotti!! (not unlike Doc P then - Ed.)

If you could take 3 things to a desert island (not including boats etc) what would they be?
A football, My compendium of John Grisham Books and a lot of beer.

How long is a piece of string?
Long enough to measure out the wicket is all that matters.

What's your favourite fielding position and why?
I enjoy fielding anywhere but I would have to say in the few games I have kept wicket it would have to be behind the sticks as you are always in the game.

Where is the best cricket tea?
Greenfield without a doubt.

Rowdy calls you through for an impossible single. Do you nobly sacrifice yourself for the good of the team or lean on your bat and wave him goodbye?
Sorry Phil but I would lean on my bat and wave goodbye to you.

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