Two Overs At ... Andy Walker

Danny One of the newest additions to TSJ, Andy joined the club for the 2009 season and has already become a firm favourite with his mix of straight-talking North East approach and his willingness to get "stuck in" and help. He'll be producing regular newsletters for us and is a contributor to the relaunched website!

How did you get involved at TSJCC?
I first came into contact with the club when I went to watch the Boxing Day 2008 match at Brooksbottom. I then went to the game to mark the official opening of the new pavilion in 2009 and thought what a decent bunch you all seemed. You made me feel welcome so I thought: "my search for a good local club is over". The rest is hysteria, as they say.

What were your first impressions?
As I just said, my first impressions were of what a decent set of people you all were and still are! Dasher Deegan was particularly nice as was Kieran (a fellow Yorkshireman). I just felt welcome and the banter was good too.

Who is your favourite teammate?
This is a difficult question. I really like Graham Fletcher (Dr Doom) and also Steve Morriarty, for letting me bowl and being a very funny guy. All the guys in the second team are good craik though, so it would be unfair to single anyone out. However, the question asked me to do just that so I will. Dr Doom it is!

What's the funniest incident you've seen?
I've seen so many in such a short time. Maybe I should do a top five? Picking one, it has to be captain Steve declaring our innings and walking us off the pitch in last season's home game against Littleborough Lakeside when we thought we were batting out the draw but then were told by the umpire that the draw wasn't on. We lost by 150 runs.

What are your interests outside of cricket?
Anything to do with the media, sport or politics. I work in communications and PR and I'm always interested in how people get their message across. I read a lot and watch FC United of Manchester and report on their matches for Roch Valley Radio. I'm a frustrated football commentator at heart, really.

Do people ever mistake you for former BWFC and Scotland striker Andy Walker?
Only on the phone. He's not as fit as me. Though now he's on the telly doing match reports for Sky, maybe our paths will cross more often!

Tell us a funny Rowdy story ...
Not funny for him, but it has to be when he collapsed exhausted at the crease at Springhead last season. We had to escort him to the side to get him sorted. We offered to phone for an ambulance but he was having none of it. He insisted on going out to bat again at the end of our innings because we needed him. Someone ran him out too! What a trooper. A real club man.

If you could change ONE thing about the club, what would it be?
I'd get the pavilion bar to stock alcohol-free beer so I can have a few beers and then drive my car home from matches. I can recommend Super Bock Twin from the Alcohol Free Shop. It's only 70 calories a bottle too and tastes like the real thing.

Do you think the club has an unhealthy obsession with fancy dress nights?
There do seem to be a few people who relish dressing up in suspenders and lycra, but maybe it's an age thing? I think it shows the creative side of people though and should be encouraged the fancy dress generally, not the suspenders and lycra!

Tell us briefly about you and your family
I'm married to Helen, who's a nutritional therapist, and we've been together for 17 years. We moved to Ramsbottom in August 2008 after both living in London for over 20 years. We are both northerners I hasted to add. She's from Shaw and I was born in Middlesbrough. I have a twin brother (not identical, you'll be pleased to hear!) who lives on Teesside as does my dad, who is an ex-steelworker who will be 80 on his next birthday.

If you were stuck in a lift with 1 person, who would you like it to be?
Tony Blair's former director of communications, Alastair Campbell. I'd love to discuss PR and political issues with him.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side. Everyone knows that don't they?

If you'd like to take a turn in the hotseat, please drop Doc P a line via and we'll whizz you over some questions. We'd be delighted to hear from players, supporters, partners, friends of the club or anyone who fancies taking part - all welcome!

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