Two Overs At ... Stu Batigan

Batty boy He's slow and steady on the pitch and even more laid back off it. Find out a bit more about what makes Batty boy tick, and what he really feels about some of his illustrious teammates!

How did you get involved at Totty St Johns?
I first got involved at TSJ when I was a lot younger because Clive used to coach me at Rammy so I think I made my 1st XI debut at about 12 but then I had a few years playing for the 2nd XI & 3rd XI at Rammy before quitting cricket altogether... It was then Watty who lured me back after university with his terrible banter and magnificent sales pitch!

Describe your playing style in 50 words or less
It would have to be badger, I don't think I've ever done anything quick in my life and that includes scoring runs!

Who’s your perfect teammate, and why?
I'm going to have to say Watty aren't I otherwise he may have a strop, in fairness to the lad he's a pretty inspirational skipper in the 2s but it's just a shame he has such a poor taste in cars and women!

What’s your favourite away ground to play at?
I really like Ewood Park but I guess you're talking about cricket... I'd have to say Todmorden in the Lancashire League - it's an absolute road to bat on!

Who are your sporting heroes and influences?
My cricketing hero is probably Michael Clarke or Brendon McCullum... they both lead from the front and aren't afraid to innovate in the field! I am also a massive Rickie Fowler fan in golf as well as he's just the epitome of cool!

Tell us 3 fun facts about you that people might not know
I have lived and worked in four different countries... I once built Terry Griffiths Performance Analysis System for his Snooker Academy in Hong Kong (although I never did get a free trip there)... I can open a beer bottle with another beer bottle

Who would be your perfect dinner party guests?
How many am I allowed to invite... I'd definitely want JFK there to do the after dinner speech with maybe Noel Gallagher jamming away in the corner! I think for eye candy I'd have to invite Eugenie Bouchard or Emma Watson!

If you could suggest one improvement to be made at Totty what would it be?
Don't let Watty bowl... either that or people turning up to nets (myself included) would be novel!

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had playing for Totts?
Any catch I've dropped off Watty's bowling (and there's been a few)

Do you know anyone who has more haircare products than Watty?
Absolutely not... he once asked me to veet his back you know... I really worry about the boy because I think his womanising is just a big cover up if I'm honest!

Favourite place in the world?
You would have to ask me this just after getting back from travelling... I'm going to have to go with Auckland - it's probably the coolest, laidback city in the world and I have a few friends there which kind of sways me!

If you could fulfil one cricketing ambition, what would it be?
It would have to be scoring a century given that I won't be taking a five for anytime soon with the pie that I chuck down

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