Two Overs At ... Charlotte Boulton

Charlotte Boulton Batting star Charlotte Boulton is another Yorkie in the pack. Discover more about her career to date, and what hopes and ambitions this confident addition to the ranks provides!

Hiya Charlotte, before we crack onto cricket, tell us a bit about yourself
I'm 23, from Steeton near Skipton (yorkshire shhh). I'm a trainee sonographer so if anyone needs a scan you know where to come. Haha. I've played since I was 9 down at Steeton CC. And grown up in the Yorkshire ranks. Aside from that I love science and sport which is handy as I have a degree in it :-)

How did you get involved playing for Totty Womens team?
Well as I said I started in Yorkshire, fancied a change of scenery and a new challenge and some new faces so got in contact with Jen!

What are your first impression of the club, on and off the field?
Everyone is really keen, don't think I can make a judgement on the field just yet :-)

Who are your sporting heroes?
AB is awesome, not just as a cricketer! On a more personal level always looked up to my Dad who still plays now and regularly takes wickets and makes runs. He's the reason I'm so sporty and cricket mad.

What’s been your best – and worst – cricketing moment so far?
I have 2 bests sorry ... first was making my first hundred as a 15 year old in senior cricket. And my second was captaining Yorkshire to the county championship U17 in 2009 :-) we came back from the dead! (My captaining decisions ... obvs)

What are your other interests away from cricket?
Love my job, still got my post grad to finish so lots of my spare time is taken up with that. Unlike lots of cricketers I actually like watching it so often pop off to watch the county champs if I have a day off n sit with all the gramps! Also just bought a house and enjoy a spot of interior design!

Why is Lancashire so much better than Yorkshire?
Ha I'm still a Yorkshire girl at heart. Love my Yorkshire puddings too much not to be ... but in terms of the cricket I think the Lancs set up is great , a lot more organised. Everyone's been really friendly and It's great that it feels as if we're part of the LCB whereas it didn't so much at Yorkshire. Looking forward to first development game on Thurs!

What sort of music do you enjoy, and can you sing or play an instrument?
Some people call me a songbird of my generation.... I'm that good. No I do like a sing song though so maybe we can get a totty band together. Jas on the keys ...

You had an impressive first season at Totts, what are your ambitions for 2015?
Just to carry on where I left off but turning those 30s into big scores. And to carry on taking a few wickets. I have a season with Lancs Development coming up so just taking my form from Totts and stepping up to a higher level. Just want to be the best I can be and enjoy it whilst I'm there!

If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
Maybe someone ridiculous like Katie Hopkins or Stuart Broad ... someone who's a complete ******* but doesn't care! Would love to not give a ****!

Geoff Boycott or Michael Vaughan?
I think they're both a tad annoying! However my dad does the best Boycott impression so it has to be him. Miserable git!

Who’s your favourite teammate?
Gotta be Sheila herself just so I can don my best Aussie accent. Dont stop saying 'far out' for about 2 days after playing with her. Think she's fit in really well is a massive addition to Totts and Lancs!

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