Two Overs At ... Adrian Campbell

Ade Find out more about our very own lanky Lancy hero. What surprising things can he do, and has he ever scored a run outside the off stump arc?

What do you like about playing for Totty?
The camaraderie is fantastic, especially when the opposition stay for a drink as well. No room for Arsene Wenger style bad losers in our game! I also like the fact that you're virtually guaranteed a game every week.

Have you ever scored a run outside of the arc between mid-off and cover?
Of course! My leg glances are worth the entrance fee alone and I've clubbed many a leg side six!

Who’s your perfect teammate, and why?
Everybody has their moments but I have learned so much from Sail Sukha, Mick Durrans and George Green. I could listen to them talk cricket all day. Also received some good advice from NIck Fletcher 'it's no good scoring a 50 then getting out' and Paul Meehan 'get the opposition four wickets down and you've always got a chance'.

What’s your favourite away ground to play at?
To be honest I always prefer playing at home, although I'm looking forward to visiting some new grounds in Division 3.

Who are your sporting heroes and influences?
My all time hero is Shane Warne, an absolute legend on and off the pitch!! He's like crickets version of James Bond. I admire born winners such as Ayrton Senna, Kevin Pietersen, Diego Maradona, Paolo Maldini, Romario and Leo Messi. You could also say I root for the underdog as I'm a big fan of Lancs CCC and Man City!

Tell us 3 fun facts about you that people might not know
I can play the guitar to a reasonable standard, plus I'm good at quizzes, I know all sorts of random stuff! I'm also Totty's version of Bear Grylls and want to walk the Great Wall of China and climb Kilimanjaro at some point (well I've conquered Springhead and that's like playing cricket in the mountains!).

What sort of music do you enjoy?
A little bit of everything, Indie, pop, rock, old school dance tunes etc! Favourite band? Oasis. Favourite song? Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon.

If you could suggest one improvement to be made at Totty what would it be?
Sail beat me to it when he said the boundary fences could be higher so I'd like to see a reduction in fees for away games as petrol isn't cheap nowadays (em>It has gone down for 2015! - Ed). In terms of the league I'm all for the new proposed system of relegation and promotion but I'd like to see all games begin earlier, around midday instead of 2.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had playing for Totts?
Winning the league last season was fantastic, everybody chipped in! On a personal note I won the fielding trophy in my first season and any time I score runs, hold catches and field well is good enough for me.

What nicknames do you have?
According to Mike Watts I look like Mr Bean, though I reckon I'm more like Blackadder! Id love to have Rowan Atkinsons money though. Outside of the club I've been nicknamed Melman after the giraffe from Madagascar and bizarrely Dynamo after the magician though I look nothing like him! All I can say to Mr Watts is 'Do you even lift bro?!'

Would you rather see a great film or a great gig?
I suppose a great gig because you can watch a film over and over again. Best gig I saw? Oasis with support from The Coral, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Charlatans at Finsbury Park 2002. It chucked it down but it was a top day. Favourite films? The James Bond series, anything by Laurel and Hardy and Steven Segal and Goodfellas. Enjoyed Top Gun too (see Watty? I said I'd mention it! You owe me a pint son).

If you could fulfil one cricketing ambition, what would it be?
Scoring a century and bowling out the opposition would be nice. I'd love to play at Old Trafford and the MCG too! For now I'd just like to nail down a regular spot in the batting order though nothing beats playing full stop!

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