Two Overs At ... Rick Carr

Ricky Minaj Ricky "Minaj" is one of our newer players; he's had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus, and has already made a big impact on and off the field (not least when we burnt his old kit). Find out his ambitions, his thoughts on the GMCL and what he gets up to away from the game!

Tell us a bit about your cricketing background?
Started playing when I was around 7/8 years old down at Walshaw Cricket Club and always played the age group older due to lack of numbers. I played Town team and Interleague until under 18’s playing with now professionals John Simpson and Karl Brown. I played for Walshaw Seconds at the age of 12 and a regular in the 1st team at the age of 16/17 playing with some absolute quality players and people like Jon Fielding and Rob Faulkner just to name a couple.

Who were your heroes growing up – and who are they now?
Growing up, always looked at Shane Warne and Brian Lara, Shane could do anything he wanted with a ball and Brian Lara just because I have never seen someone have so much time when batting and to make it so easy. Now, I’d have to say Jacques Kallis, just pure class at all forms of the game.

Favourite cricketing memory?
Possibly 149 against Saddleworth when not having played for over a year and half and still a little drunk!

What sporting ambitions do you have?
To win the league with my mates and have a good time whilst doing it (well, never mind then! - Ed.)

Who’s your favourite teammate at TSJ, and who’s your favourite at any club?
Bit of an unfair question as I could name up to 5 or 6 people but I do enjoy listening to Watty saying how good he is and never being out to a bad ball. At Walshaw my only other club I have played for probably have to say Tom Murphy as we grew up together at school and on the pitch.

If you could improve one thing at TSJ what would it be?
More enthusiasm from people about the club and game as it’s a great place to be.

Away from cricket, what fills your time?
My wife Miranda. I spend so much time at Cricket that if I don’t spend time with her a divorce could be on the cards.

Favourite book, song, and film?
Book - An autobiography kind of a guy, enjoy Gary Neville’s and also Sir Alex’s. Song - Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (Good call! - Ed), Film - Forrest Gump / Saving Private Ryan, most Tom Hanks.

What are you looking forward to in the new GMCL?
Better grounds, and the prospect of having a beer with the opposition after the game!

What’s the best – and worst – ground you’ve played at, and why?
Lancashire CCC not a bad pitch, Worst Springhead, See

What’s the most exciting thing about our club right now?
How proactive the committee are, as soon as something is mentioned it is not brushed aside and is dealt with!

If you could play in any Test team in history, which would it be?
I think you can't go far wrong with the Australia team in the 2001 Ashes.

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