Two Overs At ... Clive Brooks

Clive Mr TSJ himself, Clive Brooks, has been secretary, treasurer, groundsman, wicket keeper, selector, committee man and all-round club star for 30 years. In his exclusive interview with the site, he reveals more about his many roles at the club, and his favourite players and moments from an illustrious career!

You’re rightly known as Mr TSJ. (Briefly!) describe some of the things you do for the club?
Where do I start ? I'm club Treasurer which is becoming a full time job in itself especially when we are trying to obtain grant funding. I attend all the NMCL meetings and when I get chance I will cut the outfield. That is on top of being first team wicket-keeper.

How did you first get involved at Totty St Johns?
Always been involved since my Dad played there in 1970's & 80's. Remember coming down with him on a Friday night to get the wicket ready for the weekend when I was about 10.

What are your 3 favourite moments on the pitch?
Winning trophies are always special moments so winning a hat-trick of Calverley Cups in 2008, 2009 & 2010 have got to be up there. That said the weather played a part in each one so that wasn't so special.

Pick your best TSJ XI from the last 30 years?
This is really difficult as I have played with so many great players. Frankie Brockway (capt) - he always had the respect of his players, myself as wicket-keeper (obviously), Paul Meehan - opening the bowling from top end, Ashley Parkinson - great allrounder, Steve Moriarty - when we had Paul & Ash opening bowling he didn't get the credit he deserved (hear, hear - Ed), Carl 'Basher' Barrett - could take sides apart with both bat & ball, Russ 'Big Bird' Brooks - well, he is my brother, Nicholas 'Garvey' Hudson - best point fielder in club, Kieran Coe - a true legend and has played some classic innings, Nellie Butterworth - if only he could get the ball to spin, Mark Parkinson - a class bat on his day. I would have Pete Allen as 12th man - never really saw him keep wicket as he only did it when I wasn't playing but I am led to believe he is pure class !! When they were all at their prime that would have been a great team. You could also add to that list Neil Wright, Mark & Alan Vernon, Si Marsh, Rob Morrison and Asif.

What’s the most exciting development you’ve seen at Crompton Meadows?
I think currently it has to be having Women's cricket at the club but I don't think we have seen the best yet. That will be the pavilion extension starting in September.

Who is your favourite TSJ teammate and why?
Not a teammate really but our Chairman - Scott Parkinson. We have done so much together - school, work, holidays and I was his best man at his wedding!!

Apart from our place, what’s your favourite ground to play at (regularly or a one off)?
British Aerospace at Chadderton was a great ground to play at. Shame they were only in our league for a short period.

If you could change one thing about the club, what would it be?
We have made so many changes over recent years - I think only one major thing is left and that would be to level the ground.

What’s your favourite ever match you’ve played in for Totts?
I remember the final match of the season playing against Catholic club in the late Nineties at home and we had to win for take the title. I was facing the last over in more or less total darkness and I hit the winning runs. There was also the incident where I stumped the runner at Lakeside and the batter couldn't believe it - they both walked off the pitch in opposite directions and the batter's words are not repeatable.

Who are your favourite cricketers, now or all time?
Alan Knott - the best English keeper ever, Jimmy Anderson & Ian Botham.

Tell us something we may not know about you?
I was an extra in the Granada TV drama 'Sherlock Holmes & the Mazarin Stone' back in the 90's. I still receive royalties everytime it is shown.

Away from cricket, what fills most of your time?
My family - I love spending time with them.

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