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Kate Think you know everything about Totts, Lancs and England star Kate Cross? Think again! In our exclusive Q&A she reveals more about her superstitions, her sporting heroes and a curious fact about one of the England ladies ...

Congrats on the recent 5 wicket haul for the England side. Is that your proudest moment in cricket to date?
It's definitely up there. But my proudest moment would probably be my test debut in Perth last year. As an English cricketer your dream is always to make your test debut and I got to do it in the ashes. I even managed to take some wickets which helped us to a win which set the ashes up. I can still picture all four days - I didn't sleep much during them!

You've been involved in coaching some of the up and coming juniors at Totts - what have you found most fun, and how are the kids progressing?
Yeah I have been helping out on a Wednesday night throughout the winter. It's all fun to be honest, the kids are there to better their cricket and so they make coaching brilliant. I hadn't seen them for a few weeks after Christmas but I popped in at the end of Jan before I went to New Zealand and they were unrecognisable! The improvements they have all made is fantastic to see, and they do it all with a smile on their faces. The future looks bright!

What's the best ground you've played at, and why?
I've been pretty lucky so far with venues. I enjoyed the WACA and the MCG was something else. But it probably has to be the Home of Cricket. I made my Lords debut last summer in an MCC v Rest of the World game and took a cheeky 4for. So memories there are very special! Having said that, I've not played at Totty yet so this answer may well change this year!

We don't take ourselves too seriously at Totts - how do you think you'll fit in?
Obviously I take my cricket very seriously and always want to do well on the pitch. That's not to say I don't have fun while I'm doing it! You might have seen some pretty dodgy dancing from before an ODI in NZ - so I reckon I'll be okay!

Outside of cricket, what are your interests and hobbies?
Because I'm away a lot I love spending time with my family and friends when I can. Big music and film fan and enjoy a good night out - if you can class that as a hobby?!

Favourite CD and film?
CD?! How old are these questions!! (We've noted that for future reference - Ed) I've got a lot of love for Hozier's album at the minute. And I just watched the Imitation Game on the plane back over to the UK - what a film! Recommended highly.

Who are your sporting idols (you can't pick your Dad)?
That's not fair! He was a big influence. So was my mum, brother and sister. But outside my family probably Freddie Flintoff. The '05 Ashes is a standout memory for me and I loved that a Lancastrian was bossing the Aussies. I just love how passionate he was on the pitch but how down to earth he is off it. A true role model.

Do you have any good warm up tips for the Totts bowlers? Bear in mind we're all middle aged and likely to break down under strain!
Get your big muscles switched on early - Glutes, core etc. Failing that - just keep having bowl throughs until everything has cracked back into place! (Not sure our bowlers have any big muscles, but cheers for the tip! - Ed)

Tell us one piece of gossip about a Totty, Lancs or England teammate?
Oh wow, not sure I can do that! I can let you know that I have an England team mate who has webbed feet but I'm not naming any names!

What's the best thing to happen to women's sport in your experience?
It's all so exciting at the moment. Personally it would be the professional contracts we got offered earlier in the year. I never once imagined I would ever be playing cricket for a living and that's something I'm extremely proud of. But I have always said that the progress of women's cricket is down to countless years of success that they have had. I have been lucky to finish university and get offered a contract. Some of these girls have played for their country for years and done it proud - and that's where all this recognition has stemmed from.

Who's are your favourite players in world cricket - male and female?
AB De Villiers and Brendan McCullum are probably my favourite male players. Their batting in this World Cup has been phenomenal - albeit a bit scary! Female favourite would probably be Sarah Taylor. I've never met anyone with a natural talent like her, its pretty annoying actually! Her and Charlotte Edwards are ridiculous when they get going and I'm lucky to get a front row seat to a lot of it.

Most cricketers have superstitions - do you have any you can share with us?
I have a few, which is funny because I don't consider myself superstitious. When I'm walking back to my mark I have to turn left at the top (don't know why!) otherwise I think something bad will happen. I also have a lucky pig which comes with me on tour. The pig is actually a bit of a Cross family superstition. Long story short but when my dad played at West Ham he had a running thing with the Physio that whenever they saw a pig in a field on the way to a game my dad would score and WH would win. So then the Physio bought my dad a little pig which he actually carried in his hand during the '80 FA cup final and WH won! So the pig has stayed in the family and got passed onto me when I got my first call up. I remember actually taking it out of my bag for my ODI debut and gave it a squeeze and I took 4for and got MoM. The pig is too big to take on the pitch so for my last birthday my brother bought me a necklace with a pig on it so I can wear it on the pitch!

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