Two Overs At ... Danny Ashburner

Danny He thinks he's got the biggest muscles at Totty, but what makes this likeable lad tick? One of our emerging players, how does Danny see the club developing, and what preposterous reality TV show will he name his favourite?

When did you start playing for TSJ?
12/13 years old.

Who are your cricketing heroes?
Wouldn't say I really have heroes in cricket however I've already enjoyed watching Jimmy Anderson bowl and recently Jos Buttler batting and wicket keeping.

What's your best achievement so far?
My greatest achievement ... cricketing wise it will have to be hitting my highest score in senior cricket earlier on in the season which was 73, however away from cricket is signing semi-professional terms with Radcliffe Borough Football Club (Evostik league) in the 15/16 season and carrying it on in the 16/17 season.

What other sports do you play?
I have played many other sports other than cricket from being young and these include football, rugby and athletics, all at a competitive high standard. Also enjoy playing golf and hitting the slopes to ski when I feel like it (not so good at them two though).

What's the best thing about TSJ, and what could be improved?
Best thing about TSJ is how friendly the players and people around the club are, 1 thing to be improved is levelling the field which is underway soon I believe.

Who's your favourite teammate?
My favourite team mate has to be my brother ... family always comes first.

Which ground do you most like playing at, and which is your least favourite?
Favourite ground is TSJ due to it being in throwing distance of my house, and least favourite will be Glossop CC because of some bad memories of junior cricket being played there.

What's the funniest thing you've seen during a game?
Funniest thing from my perspective has to be the time Si Marsh (captain at the time) kicking over all 3 stumps, being the bowler not the batsman ... doing this on purpose after a bad ball I'm guessing. (Don't copy this, kids, though it was bloody funny - Ed)

Tell us something about one of your teammates?
Mr Watts seems to think he can somehow lift more weight than me in the gym?? (in his dreams)

Favourite TV show?
Favourite tv show has to be MTV's Geordie Shore.

If you could change one thing about the club, what would it be?
I honestly wouldn't change anything about the club apart from levelling the ground as I've said previously but that's underway soon.

Are you and your brother competitive with each other?
Yes most definitely, you can see this just from fielding when we are racing each other to see who can get to the loose ball first. However we are just as encouraging as competitive.

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