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Kenny "Kenny" is a recent addition to the TSJ ranks after impressing with distinguished service for the Rammy Traders. A bit of a joker, he's obviously slotted in perfectly amid the chos of Crompton Meadows. Here he looks back on some of his favourite cricketing moments and reveals more about the man behind the grin!

Tell us a bit about your cricketing background?
I grew up around cricket from an early age with my grandad taking me to watch Lancashire CC and went into schools cricket and through the junior ranks at Ramsbottom CC and a brief spell at Blackpool CC. More recently playing cameo roles for Puma Grass Cats, Rammy Traders and from beyond the boundary orchestrating the Yellows singing section at RCC.

Who were your heroes growing up – and who are they now?
Cricketing hero was Essex bowler Don Topley ... took over 400 wickets until he was ostracised for claims into match fixing!! Also Bob Nudd, a true fishing genius. All time and current cricket hero is Dasher. A dream come true for me to be sharing a few beers in the yellow submarine in Albir with such a legendary icon ...

Favourite cricketing memory?
Being at the MCG in 2013 Ashes Boxing Day test ... It was a record attendance of 92000 and the atmosphere was unbelievable.

How do you see your role at Totty?
Tough question !! Officially as a batsman/wicketkeeper ... I train and play as hard as I can but always with a smile on my face as most of the time I tend to be a clown/joker ... On the field I will always encourage and offer advice to the younger guys in the side and help them all I can as cricket and cricketers can be ruthless when it's not going well.

Who’s your favourite teammate at TSJ?
Again a tough one as I haven't played with most of the lads yet but would have to say at the moment Hayesy and Ry Marsh ... 1 gives me a lift and buys my beers and the other selects me to play!

Funniest thing you've seen at a cricket match?
Too many to mention! For Rammy Traders Hayesy going out to bat with one pad on followed by Stuart with no gloves. For TSJ only last week Rowdy flat on his back like a beetle on the wicket trying unsuccessfully to rollover and get back in his crease.

Away from cricket, what fills your time?
Fishing ... Nothing better than a day on the bank with the ambience of nature and the fish crashing in front of you waiting for a bend in the rod ... I also have some amazing conversations with myself!

Favourite book, song, and film?
Book - not my thing really but any autobiography by a sporting character. Song - Oasis - Master Plan Film - Star Wars ... I wrote to Jimmy Saville every week for a year for him to fix it for me to meet Han Solo & Chewbacca. Kind of glad he never replied now.

What are you looking forward most this season?
To play in the new league format and playing against new faces and different grounds.

What’s the best – and worst – ground you’ve played at, and why?
Worst is Droylesden ... An awful wicket when I played there and the game being stopped by the batsman after the groundsman went past the sight screen mowing the outfield ... In the middle of the game ... Best is of course TSJ thanks to the roads KC and his last of the summer wine crew magic up ...

What’s the most exciting thing about our club right now?
TSJ is a great place for me to be right now ... With the new extension completed and the new league format the place is buzzing ... I even saw KC smile last week.

If you could play in any sports team in history (cricket or other), which would it be?
Italia 90 In the England side alongside Gazza in midfield.

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