Two Overs At ... Laura Parkinson

Laura 1st XI Scorer Laura is the daughter of Craig, and niece of fellow club members Ash and Scott Parkinson. Just how does she find the 1st XI, what does she do when she's not got a pen in her hand, and who is her favourite family member? Read on to find out!

How did you get involved with TSJCC?
My dad played, so did my uncle, and my other uncle, and my other uncle.. Basically all my family sorta play! And I got dragged along because my Mum wanted to go shopping ... and I liked it! :)

Tell us your favourite moment while scoring?
The last game of the season (correct me if i'm wrong! - you're not - Ed), when we were at a draw, one wicket to get, one run to score. Clive decided to run and we drew the game. Bad times.

What's it like scoring for the firsts - do they give you any grief?
They give me loads of grief. About everything, from what I'm wearing to accidently putting runs onto Marshy's score.

What's with the wellies?
The wellies are to keep my feet dry in torrential downpours. People just don't understand the whole spotty design on them.

Who is your favourite uncle?
That is the hardest question of them all! But my uncle Ashley (please don't kill me uncle Scott and Mark), 'cause I see him most.

If you could change one thing about the club, what would it be?
That it was painted yellow with green stripes.

How many pens do you use for scoring, and what colours are they?
LOL! I use a variety of pens. Red for ones, orange for sixes and green for fours. :)

Do you have any superstitions?
Superstitions ... erm ... I never tell the other scorer 'We are going to lose', because we usually do when I say it.

What are your other interests?
Photography :)

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 essential items would you take?
My computer, a boat to get home when I've had enough of being stranded, and a pirate.

What happens if you put a whale in a microwave?
Firstly, steam starts to rise from its blow hole, and then it starts to inflate. After this, the microwave starts to expand with the gargantuan size of the expanding whale. The microwave then explodes and the remains are used in sandwiches.

What's your favourite ground to visit?
Elton Vale, because when you sit inside to score, there is sometimes a party and you can have a good old rave to the music the DJ puts on. :)

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