Two Overs At ... Mahmood Mamsa

Mahmood One of our lesser known figures, Mahmood played a big role in the promotion and title successes of 2014. Now find out more about him as we discover what he likes to do on and off the field, the role that cricket plays in his life, and the sheer inspiration that is "Sir Wattey"!

How did you first get involved at Totty St Johns?
By invitations from my good friend and colleague Sail -he knew me from years ago, and has also seen me playing for clubs in different leagues. I had stopped for the last six years but due to Sailís persistent invitations and also well matched support from the teammates at Tottington I could not hold myself back.

What role does cricket play in your life?
It has been giving chances to me to perform and to do well. Chance to meet people and make friends. Chance to keep fit and keep healthy. Chance to teach youngsters who are keenn in cricket and give them support they need. And when you are doing well then that turns into passion and joy to compete.

What's your favourite away ground to play at, and why?
Bury Cricket Club. They have kept ground and pitches very well. Facilities are excellent.

Who are your cricketing heroes?
List is very long but out of them have impressed me lots are Sir David Gower, Sir Viv Richards, Sir Richard Hadlee, Javed Miandad, Jacques Kallis, Saqlain Mushtaq, Andrew Flintoff and Hashim Amla.

What's your biggest ambition in cricket?
To win all the trophies in a season.

Away from cricket, what are your main hobbies or interests?
Family. To look after them and to be with them. Also working for several charities.

What's your favourite movie and piece of music?
Brought up in India so many films they make in India, Bollywood!! Hard to choose from! Flute I like.

What's the funniest thing you've seen on the cricket field?
Cricket field and 15 men on the field!! Try to get better of each other! Always fun. Always collisions, run outs, caught outs, bowled outs, hit outs, stumped outs or chill out!!! Yes, we were having a league game and our skipper ( Not Sir Wattey ) played a stroke. Ran for a run. He did not complete his run and started wandering, thinking it was a four. Ball clearly was not over the line and other fielder threw the ball towards non striker end. He started arguing from halfway up the pitch that it was over the line. Our players kept telling (yelling) get back to the crease. But no, he would not. And throw came in, he was short of his crease. Umpire gave him out! He kept arguing with the other team that it was a four. Little he knew, they were celebrating. He still did not know that he was out and carried on with other team's players. Arguing that he got four!! Everyone was laughing. Umpire had to tell him to leave the field. He started arguing with umpires!! And still did after the game, it was a four! And everyone knew it wasnít.

What one improvement could you suggest we make at the club?
Give chances to young players in first team. Either in pair or one player at a time when they are available. Especially when they are doing well and performing.

If you could be in any movie, which would it be and what role would you play?
Not sure, there are plenty. And can not pick just one.

What's your favourite meal?
Lamb Biryani. With yoghurt raiita!! Hmm!!

Who is your favourite teammate?
Sir Wattey. He has been the main powerhouse of the team. Kept us going, encouraged us, supported us, helped us, trained us, laughed with us, joke with us, captained us and be all rounder with us.

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